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One cold winter night, four year old Daniel Patrick has a frightening vision. Thirty years later, he is a Professor of Archeology at the University of Michigan, on the verge of deciphering one of the most important discoveries of his career, an artifact that will change the way mankind views its past.

The only way to unravel the relic’s secret is for Daniel and his team to search for more clues at the excavation site. But just days before their departure, Daniel meets and falls in love with a beautiful Norwegian graduate student, the enigmatic Tessa.

This is the beginning of a forbidden love that will take them on a dangerous journey from the college campus of Michigan to the desert mesas in Arizona and across the majestic snow capped mountains of Norway.

They Would Be GodsĀ is a hair-raising adventure and passionate love story which will lead Daniel to the eventual discovery of how he and Tessa are inexplicably linked.